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Featured PRoducts

Featured Products

Sigma DS3Sigma DS3

Sigma DS3

Entrust's most highly regarded printer. Offering technologically advanced features like the other Sigma DS printers as well as Direct-to-Card Printer with superior speed, Tactile Impression, Inline Lamination Module, and Multi-hopper.
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Sigma Printer SeriesSigma Printer Series

Sigma Printer Series

The world’s most user-friendly ID card printers. Designed for today’s environments and gives you the ability to easily issue secure identities.
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Printer with Laminating ModulePrinter with Laminating Module

Printer with Laminating Module

The Entrust new high-performance laminator has innovative fraud-fighting personalization features. It is an all-in-one card printer-encoder-laminator offers innovative physical and logical security features, including serialized laminates, security overlays and a unique tactile impression feature. A modular design protects your investment and allows for easy, affordable expansion when needed.
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CR805 Retransfer PrinterCR805 Retransfer Printer

CR805 Retransfer Printer

Bringing rich color, stunning resolution, and extreme precision
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Adaptive Issuance Instant IDAdaptive Issuance Instant ID

Adaptive Issuance Instant ID

Create, issue, and manage secure IDs and credentials.
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Adaptive Issuance Instant ID as a ServiceAdaptive Issuance Instant ID as a Service

Adaptive Issuance Instant ID as a Service

Security, adaptability, and transformative innovation. This ID issuance software gives you all the state-of-the-art features - but none of the IT headaches.
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Adaptive Issuance Visitor Management as a ServiceAdaptive Issuance Visitor Management as a Service

Adaptive Issuance Visitor Management as a Service

With Entrust Adaptive Issuance Visitor Management as a Service, your front desk is everywhere, connected to the cloud, enabling streamlined experiences for visitors and hosts, and security for your facilities and personnel.
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Sigma DS2Sigma DS2

Sigma DS2

See printer status, order supplies, check cleaning status, update firmware, or contact help, all on your mobile device. Encription technology secures your data. And the DS2 can integrate into every environment.
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Sigma DS1Sigma DS1

Sigma DS1

An issuance system that’s specifically designed for today’s environments, which gives you the ability to easily issue the most secure identities in the world.
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Sigma OpenCard Format PrinterSigma OpenCard Format Printer

Sigma OpenCard Format Printer

Efficiently produces attractive player and VIP cards, room keys and employee badges in less time than comparable desktop printers.
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Featured PRoducts

Featured Products

Entrust Premier Partner

Plastic Card Solutions is the only full-service Entrust reseller, located in the Chicago area, to have earned the distinction of "Enterprise Solutions Provider". 

PCS offers both lines of best-in-class printers from Entrust—the Enterprise and Standard level. These printers are the best value on the market, offering best in-class innovations combined with Entrust's reputation for reliability.

PCS in proud partnership with Entrust leverages more than 40 years of experience building card issuance systems, including more than 200,000 desktop systems that have been used by more than 350 government programs in 92 countries.

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At Plastic Card Solutions we welcome your inquiries and questions. Whether you need supplies for your card printer, are beginning the process of setting up a new photo ID program, looking to upgrade or replace your current equipment, or need a price quote for any of the products we offer, we are here to help.

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