Adaptive Issuance Instant ID

Create, issue, and manage secure IDs and credentials.

Manage All of Your Data from One Server

Entrust Adaptive Issuance Instant ID lets you create, issue, and manage secure IDs and credentials. You can easily scale from a single workstation or user to a multi- workstation, enterprise-wide application with more functionality.  This system offers out-of-the-box integration providing a highly configurable user-friendly experience.

One Common Platform, 4  levels of performance.

Adaptive Issuance Instant ID Express:

Take your first step into the world of ID card designing and printing.

Adaptive Issuance Instant ID Plus:

This software builds on the functionality of the Instant ID Express software to provide fundamental tools for essential ID card and credential designing and printing, including reporting capability and SQL integration.

Adaptive Issuance Instant ID Professional:

This is a highly scalable edition that builds on the designing and printing functionality of Instant ID Plus. The Professional edition allows for concurrent users and centralized management of users and data.

Adaptive Issuance Instant ID Enterprise:

The Enterprise edition includes all previous edition features and is the most advanced, scalable, credentialing software in the suite and has sophisticated design capabilities for ultimate program flexibility. It also integrates with access control and HR systems.

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Featured PRoducts

Printer with Laminating Module

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The Entrust new high-performance laminator has innovative fraud-fighting personalization features. It is an all-in-one card printer-encoder-laminator offers innovative physical and logical security features, including serialized laminates, security overlays and a unique tactile impression feature. A modular design protects your investment and allows for easy, affordable expansion when needed.

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Printer with Tactile Impression Module

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The Entrust Sigma DS3 Direct-to-Card Printer has a Color Tactile Impressor Module that adds counterfeiting and industry-leading tampering resistance measures.

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Printers with Multi-hopper

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The Entrust Multi-Hopper desktop card printer issues high volumes of vibrant ID cards faster and more efficiently with Entrust exclusive technology. This multi-hopper technology supports multiple card options for the print-on-demand solution and has a separate exception card input to support specialty cards without interfering in the issuance from the other six hoppers.

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